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Expungement Lawyer Boston

One of the biggest fears a person could have is being convicted for a crime and having a permanent criminal record for as long as the individual lives. But with the help of a skilled lawyer for expungement in Boston, an individual’s criminal history can be removed from the system. This means that when a person can be assured that his record will not be altered when applying for a job or an interview.

It is essential to have a lawyer who has experience in these situations because there are types of laws that warrant expungement. This particular lawyer can have the convictions erased permanently. Of course, a person needs a job to survive, but having a criminal record hinders a person’s livelihood. The lawyer for expungement in Boston is dedicated to helping our clients have a better future.

The meaning of expungement

Expungement is a step in which a person’s criminal record is permanently removed from the system. Not all states are the same regarding the expungement of documents, as there are some limitations to vacating a conviction. However, the entire state allows expungement or sealing of records for juvenile crimes.

Each state has different requirements when it comes to the expungement of criminal records, and this includes the following.

  • Applying for the expungement in writing where the conviction happened.

  • The main sentence must be completed and served.

  • The applicant has is not currently facing a sentence.

The burden is placed upon an individual applying for the expungement to indicate that the requirements are completed. An expungement attorney Boston will tell you that the expungement of records is only applicable for a specific case. If you want to file for multiple cases expunged, you have to file them individually.

Once all of the requirements are submitted, there will be a review of the petition by the judge to make sure that an individual is qualified for expungement. Each court has its proceedings in the expungement.

Expungement of juvenile records
In this case, the expungement for juvenile records happens automatically in various states. However, this can vary, and you should find someone qualified in the sealing of juvenile records. But for someone to avail expungement of records must have a spotless record in-between years. As mentioned earlier, each court will have its procedures for the filing of the expungement of records.  

Misdemeanor crimes
Misdemeanor crimes can be expunged as they are considered minor crimes. This kind of expungement can impact a person’s life. But some penalties such as sex offender’s list or restoring gun ownership can’t be expunged.

Expunging felony crimes
In some cases, felony crimes can be expunged depending on the state. The more severe the crime is, the chances for expungement will be doubtful. Less serious felonies have higher chances.

Expungement vs. sealing of records
These two terms are often interchangeable. When we talk about expungement, this means that an individual’s criminal record has been wiped off clean as if they vanished. While record sealing is, the charges are still in the system but can’t be accessed. No one can access the said record by the public or an employer doing a background check.

Hiring a lawyer

If you want to make sure that your criminal record will be used at your disadvantage, you need to find a qualified lawyer for expunging your record. A good expungement lawyer can help you get through the process and help you understand how the system works if you want to know more about this kind of system within your state or area, particularly in Boston. A lawyer for expungement in Boston can surely help you out. Call us.


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