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Drug Crime Lawyer in Boston - Your Vantage Point of Employing a Drug Crime Lawyer

Have you been charged with a narcotics offense? You need the best criminal attorney in Boston if you face allegations of drug use, sales, or possession. The legal system is complex, and far too many people try to represent themselves in these situations. While you have the legal right to do so, it is not advised. People who do not have the best legal representation are more likely to risk jail time, fines, and possibly seizure of their possessions. If you find yourself in this scenario, Drug Crime Lawyer in Boston will explain to you to see how our drug crime lawyers can assist you.

ENSURE THAT YOUR RIGHTS ARE PROTECTED: In all instances, drug-related or not, the legal system provides defendants with specific rights. These rights ensure that the legal system is fair and that people's right to a defense is protected. Despite the fact that you have constitutional civil rights, the legal system does not go to great lengths to ensure that you are aware of them. The first and most significant move in protecting yourself is to get a skilled criminal attorney in Boston. Drug Crime Lawyer in Boston has a lot of experience with drug arrests and can tell you that several of them are the result of the following:

  • A traffic stop for what appears to be a traffic violation;

  • Racial profiling;

  • Unlawful entry into a home by an aggressive cop; or

  • Criminal actors use other techniques to create a fraudulent right to search a person, vehicle, or different location.

Our firm works hard to ensure that the government does not infringe on your civil rights; Drug Lawyer Boston has successfully prevented the government from prosecuting drug evidence by filing a Motion to Suppress Evidence.

AVOID DISCRIMINATION BY YOUR EMPLOYER: The legal process takes time when you are charged with a narcotics felony. It does not happen as swiftly as it does on TV, but it is still a thrilling experience. When persons face criminal charges, they frequently experience prejudice from their employers and are mistreated by the non-legal community. Drug Possession Lawyer Boston goes above and above to assist our clients with any civil issues that may arise from the drug allegation.

EXPLAIN THE TERMS OF THE PLEA DEALS: An excellent criminal defense lawyer will only take a plea offer if they have no other option. Our firm fights for your rights, and if we can effectively keep evidence out of the court as a result of the government's violations, the case will be dismissed. As a result, when the government's case is jeopardized, the prosecution is forced to offer our clients the best possible plea agreement.

It is up to the client to accept or reject the offer. On the other hand, our firm is well aware of the consequences of taking a plea bargain. While your criminal lawyer in Boston cannot force you to accept a plea offer, they should assist you throughout the process. Having an experienced attorney on your side during this time can help you comprehend the implications of accepting a plea offer, filing a Motion to Suppress Evidence, or going to trial.

Some people choose to take a plea offer rather than risk the stress and expense for themselves or their families. Many defendants, however, are unaware of how accepting a plea agreement, no matter how appealing, can influence their future. It could affect your freedom, your capacity to make money and provide for your family, and your long-term financial condition, depending on the terms of the agreement. It makes all the difference if you have an experienced attorney guiding you.

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